MEXICO CITY.- In the week-long day, the Mexican currency faced a negative external scenario against the dollar, which led to a minimum not seen since January 12 of this year.

The exchange rate of the peso against the dollar operated for most of the day above the 19 units, but in the end it was below this level.

The interbank dollar closed this Wednesday at 18.9340 units, according to the Bank of Mexico. On the day, the peso retreated 7.10 cents, similar to 0.38 percent.

It should be noted that the Mexican currency came to lose in the day of this Wednesday to 1.50 percent, when the exchange rate reached a maximum of 19.1455 units.

At the bank window, the greenback is sold at 19.20 units, higher than the figure reported on Tuesday as closing by Citibanamex of 19.10 units.

The catalysts for the fall of the Mexican currency were the increase in bond yields in the United States and the strength of the greenback in the foreign market.

The yield on the 10-year US bond exceeded 3 percent, a maximum not seen since December 2013, in response to fears of higher inflation.