The slowdown in inflation in Mexico </ strong> has led to a fall in the prices of Udibonos, a situation that negatively affects the portfolios of pension funds as the main holders of this type of instruments.

The prices of Udibonos </ strong>, instruments that hedge against inflation, have shown a generalized decline so far in 2018, in some cases reaching a minimum of several years.

Udibonos prices have fallen on average 1.8 percent since the end of December 2017 to the close of April 24 this year, although showing strong contrasts, according to information from Bloomberg.

The most punished was the Udibono with a maturity in 2046, with a fall in its price of 3.09 percent so far this 2018.

The most defensive has been the one that has a maturity in 2012, showing a drop in its price of 0.44 percent.

The price of the Udibono with expiration in December 2015 was 105.50 pesos at the end of Tuesday, the lowest since August 2009.