It is our singular way to communicate with our customers what makes our firm the first of their choices. No matter which continent or country or ethnicity; we are experts in processing the precise message for each of them. We are interested the most in assure that information given by us is completely comprehensive to each and every investor.


You are here because you are giving the next step in the way you invest. This does not mean you are a stock market expert or a prominent professional market dealer.

Though you are interested in continue your investment growth. This is what we do, this is our passion and our job to do it for you.


In FIDLO we attend the needs of each of our clients in a service of transparency, efficiency and professionalism that allows us to be an institution the best option for your heritage.

We ensure that the values of the principle of fair treatment to our clients are aligned by each of the members of the firm.


We ensure that the quality of the service we offer to each of our clients meets or exceeds the standards of companies in our sector worldwide.

The capital of each of our clients that FIDLO receives are kept in separate accounts, assigned by our system, therefore they are independent of our funds.


Even we are top-notch in trading in stock markets, portfolio managers, CFD´s and so on, we use the most sophisticated ways to endure potential returns for our customers, we strongly encourage our customers to build with us their personal goals, and put them on the ground with a big comprehensive way.

How we do this? We speak same language, we do not talk with “big” and “advanced” words to show our knowledge and expertise. Far than that, we are obsessed in making all of our efforts to ensure you will be able to understand each and every step and movement of the management of your investment and of your investmentitself.


Interests. Goals. Pursuing’s

Objectives and purposes are as diverse as people in the globe. For us each investor is EXCLUSIVE, then, every portfolio has to be special and CUSTOM-MADE. Your investment should fulfill your individual needs and also should coincide your self individuality.

In every investment is Custom-built to your solely requirements, purposes and risk tolerance.



En FIDLO We are convinced that success it self comes with a good and wise organization. This of course does not mean it has to be slow, but to be accurate and welled planned. One by One is the system we developed to accomplish our and our investors goals.

Investment report

Investment Strategy Report (ISR) is on what our special team will work from. In we have a specialized team of advisors and traders in each field to get the best strategy and personal investment ideas and plans to be discussed with each and every customer.

Investment report (filled out)

Our ISR is simple, is not a complicated worksheet, we insist in do things in a simple and common way, so our depositors will complete with no difficulty. If you are a customer of one of our affiliates, you should probably won´t have to fill it again.

Our experts

When our experts, our team, are ready to present your CUSTOM-BUILT portfolio and strategy, they will talk over with your personal advisor and whenever he or she agrees on it, will have a conversation to present it to you. Doubts and new ideas will come out of this talk, feedback is always good.

Whenever the plan is arranged and agreed, the team moves forward the action. Portfolios should be reviewed time to time. Circumstances and times are changing, the world moves and so do the investments.

Feel free to ask your personal advisor for new challenges, new plans or even doubts at any time.




Our experience gives us the answers. Combination of ways of trading will give the opportunity to our team to give better results. We exploit the advantages of the power of technology; robot advisors, algorithmic trading strategy that can give automated investment opportunities but only if its completely linked with the expertise of the professional investment manager masters in different and variety skills in order to seek potential better returns.

Nosotros explotamos las ventajas del poder de la tecnología los asesores robóticos las estrategias de hacer un Traiding algorítmico, que nos va dar una inversión automatizada llena de oportunidades pero únicamente si está combinado con la experiencia y el profesionalismo de nuestros directores de inversión que son verdaderos maestros en distintas habilidades buscando la mejor forma de obtener beneficios potenciales.


Profits come in the eyes of our know-how with the combination of human competence & technology power. We work with experts decision-makers and we do not rely solely to robo-computer solutions.

Not in Portfolio management, not in CFD´s or in any other stock market.

Nosotros trabajamos con expertos que toman decisiones y nosotros no solamente confiamos en soluciones robóticas computarizadas en ningún tipo de mercado, ni en la bolsa ni el los cfds´s ni en ninguno otro.


Our fiduciary commitment to our client is that our advisers are not being paid on a commission basis. They get paid with a percentage fee, if our investors account increases, advisers fee of payment increases as well, it works the same vice versa.In order to avoid conflict of interest we do not accept any gifts or special treatment from any fund or institution, and that is our commitment with all of our investors.


Name of the company makes all the effort to endure the security of all your data. We have encrypted and password protected transactions. Your account requires two factor authentication.Though if data breach is discovered you will be notified immediately.


Diversification is rule number 1, and rule number 2 and rule number 3.

In FidLo we never forget this statement and we do not only not forget, but we take action on it. Balancing the investing in different products will reduce risk and balance volatility of markets.

There is no insurance up to these days that can give the investors a no risk statement. Diversity can give less returns, but also will reduce risk.

Clients should remember that investment in any type of security despite its perceived risk may involve the loss of principal.